Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Rental Time?

This will depend on the day of the week as Monday- Thursday are TBD at this time.

Friday (4:00-11:00pm) Saturday 7:00am-11:00pm, Sunday 7:00am-10:00pm)

Most events are typically a total of 8 hours. 4 hours for the event with 3 hours of setup time and 1 hour of breakdown time.

What is the current cost of renting the venue?

Each event is customized to your needs. Pricing will be determined after initial consultation.

What time do we need to start packing before we leave?

You and your guests will need to start packing everything up at least 1 hour prior to departure time.

Is there a deposit, and when is it due?

Yes, there is a 50% deposit.

How many other events are booked on our day?

We only host 1 event per day at this time! Therefore, you will be provided with our full attention and complete privacy.

Can we use any Caterer that we choose?

The caterers we prefer are:

H&M Catering


Something Classic & Daisy Catering

704-377-4202 (x26)

The String Bean


Are there any limitations on what the caterer can do on-site?

Yes, no open fire, Cooking, i.e. fryers, gas, grill, barbeque pit
Management reserves the right at anytime to decline any vendor for inappropriate activity that is not in keeping with the standards of the venue.

What is your policy on alcohol?

All alcohol should be provided from your licensed and insured vendor.

What is your policy for on-site visits?

Available by appointment only

Number of people that can be accommodated?

At this time we can accommodate a maximum of 150 guests for outside events. Events on the interior are limited to 45 guests. This is subject to change with property renovations.

Is there staff on site the day of my wedding?

Yes, there will be staff here and available during the entire time of your event.

***Caterers and or clients are responsible for their own clean up***

Will there be parking for guests?

Parking will be limited on premises. At this time, additional parking, shuttles and valet will be your responsibility.

How much is your damage deposit, and when is this due?

This usually depends on the type of event and size.

Do you require wedding liability insurance?


Are there any overnight accommodations near by or onsite?

There are no overnight accommodations at the venue. We do recommend the following


Hampton Inn Belmont-Charlotte Montcross

820 Cecilia Alexander Drive, Belmont, NC 28012


Our neighbor does rent her beautiful home on Airbnb.  We will provide her information when requested.

Do you allow open flame candles?


Is there a contract signed to guarantee my rental date and all policies?


Can decorations be hung from the ceiling, walls or does it need to be stand alone?

They would need to be stand alone. Nothing can be affixed to the building including all walls on the interior or exterior, columns, floors, doors, cabinetry or porch. Prior approval may be given in some circumstances but an additional damage deposit may be required.

Can we use real or fake flowers anywhere we want?

NO fake flowers outside

Is there a shuttle service for close hotels?

Yes, please see preferred vendor list

Are pets allowed?

We allow pets for ceremony only. Once the ceremony is over we ask that the pet/pets be kennelled or removed from the property.

Do you allow smoking on premises?


How many outlets are available?

Outlets are limited. A generator rental may be necessary.