Where did the Firefly House and Gardens name come from?

The name comes from our first moments as owners of this amazing property. Essentially it was a result of exploration by my two children Henry and Alex.  The old house and its grounds were a bit of a mystery to them so naturally they both were very curious when we bought it.  When my husband JoePat and I bought the property it had a very old large gazebo in the middle of the backyard behind the fountain.  Behind the gazebo there was a wooded area overcome by vines, trees and overgrowth.  One evening we were out on the gazebo deciding what to do with the backyard while my children played. I kept hearing my youngest son Alex say “mommy look… mommy look”.  When I looked up he was glowing and so was Henry.  I have seen many fireflies in my lifetime but that night there were so many it gave me a chill.  They were all over my sons arms and when I looked down they were on me too.  So though the house was originally the George M. Gullick House, which will always be so special to us, we felt it fitting to start our own memories here. I couldn’t ignore the sign I had just be given and neither could my boys.  My oldest son Henry said “that’s it Mommy…that’s it….you must call it the Firefly House”.  And so it is now the Firefly House and Gardens.  Unfortunately, the old gazebo had to be taken down because it was unsafe but we’ll never forget the moment the property got its new name.  It will always be more than just a business to us. It’s a love and a passion for happiness and unique and precious moments.

Gail Roop